Barbie Dream Camper Hot Wheels

Barbie and her friends know that camping can be a dream when you have a vehicle that’s outfitted with all comforts of home.

This super cool Barbie Dream Camper is the number 1 of 5 Hot Wheels vehicles that are part of the HW Getaways series. This vehicle, made in Malaysia, was designed by Dmitriy Shakhmatov and released by Mattel in 2021. The Barbie Dream Camper, whose base is metal, is pink on the outside and white on the inside. It also has gray wheels with teal chrome rim DD8. The camper has a special feature: you can open the translucent cyan side window with the Barbie logo and access the interior! The vehicle has other white Barbie logos and painted headlights.

GRX39-M9C1A G1 Barbie Dream Camper
Collector Number: 21/250


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