Barbie Collector's Guide

I want to share some details of the new Barbie Collector’s Guide released this year. This fun paperback book contains cute illustrations of Barbie and her friends throughout history. There are 95 pages that cover the last 60 years of the most famous doll in the world, Barbie!

Barbie Collector’s Guide is packed with relevant historical facts about Barbie. It covers information and photos from the first Barbie doll released by Mattel in 1959 to the most recent Barbie Fashionistas! The guide gives the year each doll shown was released by Mattel, starting with the original dolls. It also shows how Barbie, as well as her friends and family, have changed over the years.

One cool thing about this book is that it shows Barbie’s Dreamhouse through the decades! That is one of my favorite parts; see the changes that go from a simple home to a magical mansion, or a more functional house today! It also shows photos of some of the vehicles that Barbie has owned over time.

Several of the Barbie Collector’s Guide pages show the careers Barbie has had, from her earliest careers in the 1960’s, through the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s. It has beautiful photos of Barbie in space, playing sports, performing music, working in health care, culinary arts, and Science and technology.

A section the book is dedicated to the changes in Barbie’s look, as well as her fashions. Several pages are dedicated to the Barbie Fashionistas line, when in 2016 Mattel released Barbie dolls with multiple body types, one of the biggest moments in Barbie history!

Another cool thing about the Barbie Collector’s Guide is that it comes with a double-sided, collectible poster inside! On one side it has multiple photos of vintage Barbies and on the other side it has photos of Barbie Fashionistas. Really pretty, colorful, and very memorable! Although I liked this book overall, I would have like to see more dedicated to the Barbie Superstar Era, late 70’s to late 80’s, my favorite era of Barbie. But overall it’s a very good reference book for Barbie collectors and has very nice pictures.


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