Barbie Chelsea Can Be Lifeguard

Chelsea Can Be… Lifeguard doll is ready to save lives wearing a removable uniform and flip-flops! Like her big sister, Barbie, Chelsea loves trying new careers!

This is the first Chelsea doll in my collection. Chelsea is Barbie’s younger sister, known as Shelly/Kelly Roberts from 1995 to 2010. From 2011, her name changes to Chelsea. She’s seven years old, and she is learning that she can do anything like her older sister, Barbie. The Chelsea Can Be… line was designed for more storytelling fun and to inspire kids to dream and explore different careers.

Chelsea Can Be… Lifeguard doll was made in Indonesia in 2022. Chelsea has blonde hair and blue eyes like Barbie. She comes in her lifeguard outfit, a striped one-piece swimsuit in vibrant summer colors, red shorts, and white flip-flops. She also includes: 1 visor, 1 life buoy, 1 kickboard, 1 pair of binoculars, 1 megaphone and 1 whistle. Chelsea has everything she needs to save lives this summer, whether at the beach or the pool!

Barbie Chelsea Can Be… Lifeguard doll HKD94 Asst. GTN86

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