Sunsational Malibu Barbie 1981

Summer has begun and Sunsational Malibu Barbie is ready for sun, surf, and pool! In a bright bathing suit and mirrored sunglasses she’s got the California look!

1981 Sunsational Malibu Barbie looks tanned all year long! Whether at the beach or by the pool, Sunsational Malibu Barbie is always having fun with her friends, Ken, Christie, PJ, and Skipper, who are part of this wonderfully fun line distinguished by their brightly colored swimsuits along with their mirrored glasses.

Year ’round suntan!

Sunsational Malibu Barbie has a surfer look, light blonde hair and tanned “skin.” I have the version made in Hong Kong which is quite different from the Philippine version. She has a youthful Superstar face with blue eyes and teal eyeliner on top. Her eyebrows are darker and thicker than in the Philippine version.

From all the Malibu Barbies that have come out, the Sunsational Malibu Barbie swimsuit is my favorite! I love that bright grape purple shade! The halter-style one-piece swimsuit features pink straps and a distinctive flower attached to the right side. Sunsational Malibu Barbie also comes with mirrored glasses sewn to her head and a pink beach towel. She’s the Barbie doll with Sunsational summer look!

Sunsational Malibu Barbie doll #1067

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