Wet 'n Wild Barbie 1989

Take a dip this summer with Wet ‘n Wild Barbie and discover the color of fun! With a swimsuit that changes color in icy water and extra long, voluminous hair, Wet ‘n Wild Barbie became one of the most acclaimed beach Barbies in the late 80’s.

Wet ‘n Wild Barbie made in Malaysia.

Wet ‘n Wild Barbie from 1989 is pure fun under the sun and under water! This very cool line from Mattel includes, along with Barbie, her friends: Teresa, Kira, Christie, Ken, and Steven, and Barbie’s little sister, Skipper. All with swimsuits that change color when you put them in icy water! The Wet ‘n Wild Barbie line also includes several playsets for beach or pool fun, including an amazing water park!

Wet ‘n Wild Barbie doll #4103.

My version of Wet ‘n Wild Barbie is made in Malaysia and looks quite different from the versions made in China. Wet ‘n Wild Barbie has a nice tanned skin tone. She has striking blue eyes with blue eyeliner and blue eyeshadow and mauve pink lipstick. Something distinctive about Wet ‘n Wild Barbie is her voluminous messy beach wavy hair. Her two-tone blonde hair is super long! She also has bangs and a half ponytail of straight lighter hair. In short, Wet ‘n Wild Barbie has this unique sun-kissed skin and hair look that makes her the perfect beach girl!

Colorful one-piece swimsuit!

Wet ‘n Wild Barbie comes with a halter cutout one-piece swimsuit in pink and orange. The pink part changes to purple upon contact with icy water. But make sure the water is ice cold for it to work and pour it directly onto the fabric. I submerged the doll in cold water, and nothing happened until I poured the icy water directly into the swimsuit. The color change hardly lasts at all. Almost instantly it turns pink again. But it’s a pretty cool feature and offered some fun time for the kids. Wet ‘n Wild Barbie comes with two pieces of cool jewelry, which she can wear in her hair or as a bracelet. She also comes with sunglasses and hairbrush.

Swimsuit changes color in icy water!

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