Barbie Pool Party 1973

All Barbie’s friends are in the swim! When the group gets together they have a great time! Barbie’s Pool Party – It’s the sunny, FUN thing to do!

Summer started at! From now on I will be sharing throughout the season posts of Barbie and her friends enjoying the hottest time of year, when the sun shines in all its splendor! To officially start summer on my blog I want to share a very fun classic set from the 70’s… Barbie’s Pool Party! This is the very first Barbie pool I’ve added to my collection. I’m more than happy to have gotten it complete, with all its parts in great condition. The box is somewhat damaged but that is nothing when we talk about an item from 50 years ago!

1973 Barbie’s Pool Party item No. 7795

This amazing Barbie pool with a realistic look was made in 1973 in the U.S.A. At that time The Sun Set Malibu Barbie was all the rage and as you can see on box, she was used along with The Sun Set Malibu Ken and Francie to promote this cool playset. Barbie’s Pool Party includes a pool 16″× 5″ big with special plastic liner to hold water, sundeck, diving board, ladder ‘n slide, floating chaise lounge, and nice plastic panels for around the pool! All colorful and eye-catching! Make Barbie do a fancy dive, float on her chaise, and slide down the slide for total summer fun! Without a doubt Barbie’s Pool Party playset is one of the best pools in Barbie history that has transcended time without going out of style. I just love it!

All Barbie’s friends are in the swim! Having fun at Barbie’s Pool Party are Malibu Barbie The Beach Party, Sun Lovin Malibu Christie, and Sun Lovin Malibu PJ.

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