Black Barbie 1979

Another one in my top 10! With gorgeous fashion model appearance, and glamorous poseability! She’s black! She’s beautiful! She’s dynamite! She’s Black Barbie!

Black Barbie was Mattel’s first African-American Barbie! Until that moment, Mattel had released black dolls, like Barbie’s friends, Christie and Francie. But, this was the first black fashion doll to be called as Barbie herself. Black Barbie was released by Mattel alongside the first Hispanic Barbie as well.

She has a gorgeous steffie face and the most beautiful dark “skin” tone that takes your breath away! Black Barbie has her hair in a curly afro hairstyle that reflects the disco era of the 70’s. She wears a stylish and sparkly red gown consisting of a fabulous bodysuit with a gold application on the neckline and cut-out long sleeves, and a wrap-&-snap disco skirt. Black Barbie sparked a new era of possibility for girls everywhere, no matter their skin color.

Black Barbie doll #1293

Black Barbie brings red accessories: stylish haircomb / pick, stud, hoop and dangle earrings, necklace, ring and strappy shoes.

Gorgeous steffie face with pretty brown eyes!
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