Angel Face Barbie 1982

Angel Face Barbie is the doll who comes with her own Barbie makeup! And you know what? She can carry her own makeup too! My Angel Face Barbie version, made in Philippines in 1982, has the sweetest superstar face of all.

Angel Face Barbie looks perfectly gorgeous in a Victorian style. Her lacy blouse with cameo give her a unique look, and her long pink skirt, with black velvet belt, perfectly complements her outfit. She also wears a rhinestone ring and pink shoes.

Angel Face Barbie #5640

Angel Face Barbie has beautiful sun-streaked hair you can style many ways with the pretty accessories that she brings: 2 fashion haircombs with cameo design; hairband with flower; brush and comb that fits doll’s hand, and brush and comb for you to use on Barbie.

Angel Face Barbie hair band with flower.
Fashion haircomb with cameo.

Angel Face Barbie can carry her own makeup in her pink cameo case with “mirror”. You can make up Barbie using the applicator that she brings with her. Apply red blush to her cheeks and blue or purple eyeshadow. Makeup can be removed with warm water and mild soap.

Angel Face Barbie accessories.
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